Care and maintenance – SINGER W211 User Manual

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A majority of service calls can be avoided by proper care of your machine. This involves three important


1 Cleaning Give your machine a light cleaning after each garment is completed. For light cleaning -

brush lint from feed dogs, needle bar and hook, and oil hook. A more extensive cleaning and oiling

can be done every two months.


Oiling - Use sewing machine oil only. Do not use any other household oils, as they will eventually

cause problems with the machine. Oil every two months, or more often if machine is in constant use.


Proper Use of Needles - Always use the proper needle for your fabric and thread.

Change needles often, as they dull quickly especially on synthetic fabrics.

If you are having a problem, before calling the service man;

1. Check to see that the machine is threaded properly.

2. Replace the needle and make sure it is attached correctly.

3. Be sure that the bobbin is wound evenly.