Sewing on zippers – SINGER W211 User Manual

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Reguler Zipper Fool

Oo 1 . 2• 3

Needle Position Selector and

Zigzag Width Control Dial

Stitch Length

Control Dial


Set the needle position at " ►" or " as needed

to sew the right side or the left side of zipper

respectively, so that the foot sews very close to

the zipper teeth. (Fig. 1)
Set the needle position at and make the

welting by sandwiching the cord into a bias

strip of fabric. Stitch close to cord. (Fig. 2)

Set the needle position at Sandwich the

welting between two layers of fabric with right

sides together. Stitch a second time. The needle

stitches close to the cord through all thicknesses

(Fig. 3)

Attach zipper foot and adjust position depending on which side

of zipper foot you wish to use.
Open the zipper and place it face down on the back side of the
fabric with the zipper teeth along the fabric edge.