SINGER 14SH754/14CG754 User Manual

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Stretch Overedge

Stretch overedge is ideal for sewing decorative
collars, sleeves, skirt hems, etc. on loosely knit and
woven fabrics.

To set the differential feed adjusting lever___________

• Set differential feed adjusting lever knob above

graduation "





To sew a seam, apply gentle tension to the fabric

by holding the seam lightly in front and back of the
presser foot.

Note: * If amount of “stretch" is not correctly set in

relation to the fabric being sewn, the fabric

is apt to shift away from the needle

resulting in improperly sewn overedge

seam. In such case, reset differential feed
adjusting lever closer to the center mark.


* Be sure to reset the differential feed

adjusting lever to graduation "




" for

normal overedge stitching.


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