SINGER 14SH754/14CG754 User Manual

Page 45

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• Place the movable upper knife in nonworking


position (page 25).


• Stitch on cut edge of fabric.

• Stop sewing before you reach the corner and fold

the fabric to the left to straighten the corner.

• Continue to sew slowly holding the fabric edge in

a straight line moving the fold as you sew.

( Pin Placement

• Insert pins to the left of the presser foot. The pins

will be easy to remove and are away from the cutting

action of the knives.


Sewing over pins will damage and/or destroy
the cutting edge of the knives.

[ Securing the Thread Chain

• Thread a large eye, hand sewing needle (such as a

tapestry needle) with the thread chain.

• Insert the needle into the end of the seam to secure


Note: To secure a rolled hem thread chain, see

page 39-


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