Additional information about rolled hemming – SINGER 14SH754/14CG754 User Manual

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• Hold the thread chain when you begin sewing to

keep it from curling into the seam.

Additional Information About Rolled Hemming

Place a slight tension on the material in the sewing

direction and a finer seam finish can be obtained.

The minimum overedge stitch width that can be

obtained for rolled hemming is approximately



5mm (1/16 inch) since the cutting width cannot be
set below 3.5mm (9/64 inch).

To Secure the Rolled Hem Thread Chain

• Apply a small drop of liquid seam sealant to the

end of the seam. Allow to dry. then cut the chain

close to the stitches.

Note: Test the liquid seam sealant for color

fastness before use.

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