SINGER 14SH754/14CG754 User Manual

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Pull on opposite sides of the seam to pull th€

stitches flat.

(3) Decorative Flatlocking

Place the movable upper knife in the nonworking

position (page 25). The fabric is not trimmed or

this stitch.

Fold fabric wrong sides together.

Position the fabric so the seam is sewn with par

of the stitch extending off the fabric.

Pull on opposite sides of the stitch to flatten.

(4) Additional Information About Flatlocking

• The tensions must be correctly adjusted for the

fabric to pull flat.

• The upper looper thread is the prominent thread

in the flatlock stitch. Place a decorative thread

in the upper looper and inconspicuous threads
in the lower looper and needle.

For a ladder stitch, sew seam with right sides

together The needle thread will be the prominent
thread that creates the ladder (A).


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