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stitch Pattern Chart









SIraight Stitch: Used for general
purpose sev/ing, seaming and top-

Zig-zag Stitch: Used for general

purpose sewing, bar tacks, finishing
scams, embroidery and applique.

Maxi—Topstitch: For bold top-

stitetring on sporty garments.

Ric Rac Stitch: I or heavy duty

general-purpose sewing, arid bold
topstitching on sporty garments.

Blindstifclr For finishing iicms and
making iaddor seams.

Multi-Stitch Zig-Zag:

Lots you

mend, join and reinforce without

bulk Ideal for bar tacking.

Shell-Tuck Stitch: i.ised for sheli-
tucK and hem finishes.

Honeycomb Stitch:

Ideal for

smocking and useful for mending,
overcasting and attaching elastic

and stretch lace.

Ovorecige Stretch Stitch; Used for

joining and overodging seams


knit and stretch fabrics in one


Crescent Stitch: Ltseful for orna
mental borders and edges.

Banner Stitch: Perfect for orna

mental borders and edges.


AC b

Buttonholes: Used for making

t These are the stretch stitch patterns


your sewing machine. A slow stitching speed is

recommended for sewing stretch stitch patterns. This stitch is designed for strength and
permanence and can not readily be ripped out without risk of fabric damage.

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