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Shell-Tuck Stitch

Used for sheil-tuck and hem finisfios,

as well as for sowing and overcasting.


« Pattern Selector: 5

® Stitch Width: 3-5

« Stitch Length: 3-4

® General Purpose Needle Plate

« General Purpose Foot

Make a test on a sample of your

fabric to find the right thread
tension, stitch length and stitch


ce folded hem (basted if

necessary) or bias fold under

presser foot, with hem or fold
toward the right.

« Stitch slowly, guiding fabric by

hand so that the sideward stitches

do not pierce the folded edge.

Banner SUtch

A decorative pattern for ornamental
borders and edges, top-stitching

and twin-needle work.

Top Stitching
A practical, simple way to accent the

lines of a dress or coat is to place

one or more rows of stitching along
collars, lapels, facing edges, pockets,

seams, etc. For a tailored look use
linos of plain straight stitching. For

decorative interest, use the banner


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