Changing the needle, Attaching snap-in feed cover, Attaching the seam guide – SINGER 4022 User Manual

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Changing the Needle

® Raise needle to its highest point

by turning the hand wheel toward

you. Loosen needle clamp screw

A and remove the needle.

« Insert new needle up into clamp

B as far as it will go, with the flat

side of the needle to the back.

® Tighten needle clamp screw.

Attaching Snap-in Feed Cover

® Raise needle to highest position

by turning fiand wheel toward


® Raise presser foot.

« Slide snap-in feed cover away

from you over needle plate until

points C and D are positioned

directly over f^otes in needle plate

as illustrated. Snap in point C.
Then piish point D toward point
C until it snaps into place.

® fo remove, lift up edges of feed


Attaching the Seam Guide

Place screw in either hole to the
right of the needle plate; line up

straight edge of guide with the
needle plate guideline for desired

seam width, and tig I den screw.


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