SINGER 4022 User Manual

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Removing the Bobbin Case

CAUTION: Before removing bobbin

case, disconnect the power-line

plug from the socket outlet.

® Bobbin Case Holder

To clean and oil bobbin case

e Turn hand wheel until needle is at

highest position.

« Open hook cover, or draw slide

plate toward you.

1. Remove bobbin case and open

latches A and B, as shown. For

more information on removing
and replacing bobbin case, refer
to pages 14 and 15.

2. Remove part C and part D of

Bobbin Case Holder, as shown.

3. Clean and oil areas indicated by


4. To replace bobbin case holder,

insert part D with spindle E up, as


5. Then fit part C into place with flat

side up, as removed.

6. Close latches A and B over part


® Close hook cover or slide


® Bobbin and Feed Areas

To clean and oil bobbin and feed

areas, remove needle plate, as

instructed on page 7. Using soft

cloth or brush, clean. Replace
needle plate, as instructed on
page 7.

® Exterior Areas

if necessary, a mild solution of

soap and water may be used on
exterior areas to remove stubborn
stains. No other cleaning liquid or
powder should be used.


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