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Principal Parts

1. spool Pin

2. Take-up Lever
3. Rear Thread Guide
4. Tension Dial
5. Face Plate

6. Light Switch

7. Presser Foot Lifter

8. Thread Cutter
9. General Purpose Foot

10< Thread Guard
11< Sewing Light
12. Thread Guide
13. Fabric Feed

14. Needle Plate
15. Bobbin Case Holder
16. Bobbin Case

17. Needle Clamp
18. Extension Bed (4022)

18. Slide Plate (4012)
19. Electrical Connections and

Speed Controller

20. Fland Wheel

21. Hand Wheel Knob

22. Bobbin Winder Spindle
23. Reverse Lever
24. Pattern Selector

25. Stitch Length Selector

26. Stitch Width Selector

To ensure that you are always

provided with the most modern

sewing capabilities, THE MANU­

FACTURER reserves the right to

change the appearance, design or
accessories of this sewing machine
when considered necessary.

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