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Overedge Stretch Stitch

Although the overedge stretch stitch
may be used creatively, it is pri­
marily applied in finishing seams,

hems, and facing edges. Use it to

overedge seams that require stretch
such as crotch seams. It is partic­
ularly helpful in skisuit, snowsuit

and swimsuit construction. Exam­
ples of how to use the overedge

vStretch stitch follow.

Overedged Seams

» Pattern Selector; 7

« Stitch Width: 5

® Stitch Length; 4

« General Purpose Needle Plate

» General Purpose Foot

Method 1

Make a test sample to determine the

suitability of an overedge seam
finish for your garment. Duplicate
the grain or direction of knit of your

garment seam. Adjust thread ten­

sion to suit fabric. Use an appropri­
ate Style 2045 needle in the machine

for a knit. (See Fabric, Thread and

Needle Table on page 10.)

« Baste the garment together on

the seam line allowing for 1.5 cm
(6/8 inch) seam allowance and fit

in the usual way.

• After making any necessary ad­

justments. trim seam edge evenly

to a scant 5 mm (1/4 inch) from

seam line basting.

« Place trimmed seam under the

foot so that the straight stitches
fall on the basted seam line and
zig-zag stitches fall over the seam



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