Applying elastic – SINGER 14U454B Ultralock User Manual

Page 36

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* Place the movable upper knife in the nonoperat­

ing position, (page 23)

* Divide the elastic and the area where the elastic

will be attached into quarters and mark with a
watersoluble marker.

* Lay elastic on the wrong side of the fabric making

sure elastic and fabric edges are even.

* Line up with edge of throat plate.

* Elastic should be sewn using the three-thread

overlock stitch or the four-thread overlock mock
safety stitch.

* After securing with 2 ~ 3 stitches, continue

sewing, allowing the fabric to feed through the
machine while gently stretching elastic (a quarter

at a time) with the right hand.,

* Use the left hand to keep the fabric even with the

edge of the throat plate.


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