Adjustable hemmer—hemming – SINGER 15-91 User Manual

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balance wheel and catch the edge of the lace with

the needle. Guide the hem with the right hand and
the lace with the left. Care should be taken not to

stretch the lace as it is being fed into the Hemmer.

It is not practical to sew gathered lace on with

the Foot Hemmer, as the fulled lace catches in the

Hemmer slot.

A ver


^ attractive way of applying lace so that the

stitching of the hem is not visible is to start the hem

in the regular way, slipping the lace in from the left

as you would the second piece of material when

making a hemmed seam.


Remove the presser foot and attach the adjustable

hemmer in its place, as shown in Fig. 37. This



. 37

hemmer will turn hems from inch to jf inch wide.
The adjustment is made by loosening the thumb

screw on the Hemmer and moving the scale to the

right or left until the hem turned is of the desired
width. Place the cloth under the Hemmer and draw
the edge toward the left under the scale, as shown