Procedure – SINGER W511 User Manual

Page 22

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background image


Zigzag Foot

E lastic Blind Hem

Pattern Selector and

Zigzag Width Control Dial

Stitch Length

Control Dial

• Set the controls as shown on the diagram above, and attach the

proper presser foot.

• Fold the fabric as shown and insert into the guide on the

presser foot.

• Turn hand wheel manually until needle is in the farthest position

to the left and make sure that needle just catches the edge of the
fold. Sew at slower speed, keeping fabric fold along the guide of

For knits use the elastic blind hem and eliminate the first

% inch fold.

The elastic blind hem stitch gives a stretch, durable hem finish
to knit fabrics. The two tiny zigzag stitches enable the hem
to stretch with the fabric.

It may also prevent woven fabrics from raveling.