Changing the needle – SINGER W511 User Manual

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Flat side

Always make sure needle is
To check straightness of

needle, lay needle on a flat

surface and see that needle is
straight and parallel as shown
in above diagram.

• Needle

Clamp Screw

Flat side towards
back of machine

• Turn hand wheel toward you to

raise needle bar to its highest


• Loosen needle clamp screw

and insert needle upward as
far as it will go, making sure

flat side of needle is towards
back of machine as shown
in the above diagram.

• Tighten needle clamp screw

with screwdriver.

• Follow the same procedure for

insertion of twin needle.

To make sure that needle has
been inserted correctly, turn
hand wheel toward you and

see that needle comes down
through the center of the
needle hole in the needle plate

as shown in the above diagram.
Stitch selector dial must be set
in straight stitch needle posi­

tion when checking needle

If skipped stitches occur, needle

may be incorrectly inserted.