Winding the bobbin – SINGER 1116 User Manual

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□ Winding the bobbin

Place thread and spool holder onto spool pin (1). For smaller
spools of thread place spool holder with small side next to
spool (2).
Snap thread into thread guide (3).

Wind thread clockwise around bobbin winder tension discs


Thread bobbin as illustrated and place on spindle (5).

Push bobbin to right (6).
Hold thread end (7). Step on foot control pedal (8).
Cut thread (9). Press bobbin to left (10) and remove.
Please Note: When the bobbin winder spindle is in "bobbin

winding" position, the machine will not sew and the hand
wheel will not turn. To start sewing, push the bobbin winder
spindle to the left (sewing position).