N multi-stitch zig-zag, Multi-stitch zig-zag – SINGER 1116 User Manual

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n Multi-stitch zig-zag

Sewing on lace and elastic, darning, mending, patching,
reinforcing edges, bar tacks.

All purpose foot

Select stitch: D
Stitch length: 1 . 5 - 4

All purpose foot

Stitch length dial

Place patch in position. The stitch length can be shortened to
produce very close stitches (2).

When mending tears, it is advisable to use a piece of backing
fabric to reinforce. The stitch density can be varied by
adjusting the stitch length. First sew over the center and then
overlap on both sides. Depending on the type of fabric and
damage, sew between 3 and 5 rows (3).