Sewing on buttons – SINGER 1116 User Manual

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□ Sewing on buttons

Button sewing foot

Select stitch: C
Stitch length: 0

Install the darning plate (1).
Position the work under the foot. Place the button on the

marked position, lower the foot. Turn the handwheel to check

that the needle goes cleanly into the left and right holes of the

button (adjust the stitch width according to the button by

turning the stitch selector dial to the appropriate stitch width),
and slowly sew on the button with about 10 stitches (2).

It is recommended to take a few locking stitches at the

beginning and end of each button. To do this - set the select
stitch A and take a few stationary stitches on one side of the
button. Sew on the button as described and repeat the locking
stitch on the other side of the button.

If a shank is required, place a darning needle on top of the

button and sew (3). For buttons with 4 holes, sew through the

front two holes first (2), push work forward and then sew
through the back two holes as described (3).