Satin stitch and applique – SINGER 1116 User Manual

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□ Satin stitch and applique

All purpose foot

Satin stitch: A form of zig zag used for mending, decorative,

basic monogramming and other creative purposes

Select stitch: C
Stitch length; CZ3 -1

Appiique: Applying other materials onto a base material to

form a picture or abstract design.

Select stitch: C
Stitch length: 1

This is a basic description of how to do applique. Practice this
method before starting an actual project

Cut out the applique design and position it on your fabric.

Temporarily affix to the fabric by basting, pinning or pressing
with an adhesive designed for this purpose.
Sew slowly around the edge of the design in a matching or

contrasting thread color.
Trim excess material outside the stitching. Make sure not to

cut any stitching.
Tie any loose threads and pull to the back.

All purpose foot