Free motion darning – SINGER 1116 User Manual

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□ Free motion darning

The darning foot is an optional accessory not included with
your machine. A darning ring or hoop is also recommended for
easier sewing.

Stitch length dial


Select stitch: A
Stitch length: 0

Install the darning plate (2).
Remove the presser foot clamp (3).

Attach the darning foot (1) to the presser foot holder. The lever

(a) should be behind the needle clamp screw (b). Press the
darning foot on firmly from behind with your index finger and

tighten the screw (c) (4).

First sew around the edge of the hole (to secure the threads)
(5). First row: Always work from left to right. Turn work by 1/4

and oversew.

Note: Stitch length

cannot be controlled
with dial since the feed
dogs are covered.





Note: Free motion darning is accomplished without the

sewing machine internal feed system. Movement of the

fabric is controlled by the operator. It is necessary to
coordinate sewing speed and movement of fabric.