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□ Zig zag and the function of the stitch length dial

Function of stitch length dial while zig zaging

The density of zig zag stitches increase as the setting of the
stitch length dial approaches “0”.

Neat zigzag stitches are usually achieved at “2.5” or below.

Stitch width is choosen by turning the stitch selector dial,
different widths of stitches will show up in the stitch window.

Each ‘click’ is a different width of zig zag within the C stitch.

All purpose foot

Zig Zag: General construction, overedge and reinforcement;

insertion of elastic or ribbon

Select stitch; C
Stitch length: 1-4

Ric Rac: General construction on knit fabric, decorative, high
stress area, heavy fabric
Select stitch: C
Stitch length: 1-3

Stitch length dial

/Disco de longitud de puntada

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All purpose foot