Maintenance – SINGER 1116 User Manual

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□ Maintenance


Disconnect the machine from the electricity supply by
removing the plug from the socket. When cleaning the
machine, it must always be disconnected from the electricity


Remove the needle plate:

Turn the handwheel until the needle is fully raised. Open the

hinged front cover and unscrew the needle plate screws with

the screwdriver (1).

Cleaning the feed dogs:

Use the brush supplied to clean the whole area (2).

Cleaning and lubricating the hook:
Remove the bobbin case. Snap the two hook retaining arms

(3) outwards. Remove the rotating hook cover (4) and the
hook (5) and clean with a soft cloth. Lubricate at the point (6)
(1-2 drops) with sewing machine oil. Turn the handwheel until

the rotating hook (7) is in the left position. Replace the hook
(5). Replace the hook race cover and snap back the two hook
retaining arms. Insert the bobbin case and bobbin and replace
the stitch plate.

Fabric fluff and threads must be removed regularly. Your

machine should be serviced at regular intervals at one of our

service agencies.