Threading the upper thread – SINGER 1116 User Manual

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This is a simple operation but it is important to carry out
correctly. Not doing so several sewing problems could result.

Start by raising the needle to its highest point (1), and also
raise the presser foot to release the tension discs. (2)
Note; For safety, it is strongly suggested you turn off the
power before threading.

Lift up the spool pin. Place the spool of thread on the
holder with the thread coming off the spool as shown. (3)
For small thread spools, place small side of spool holder
next to spool or use the smaller spool holder.

Draw thread from spool through the upper thread guide.

Guide thread around thread guide (5) pulling thread
through pre-tension spring as illustrated.

• Thread tension module by leading thread down right

channel and up left channel (6). During this process it is

helpful to hold the thread between the spool and thread

guide (4) and gently pull up on the thread.

• At the top of this movement pass thread from right to left

through the slotted eye of the take-up lever and then
downwards again. (7)

Now pass thread behind the thin wire needle clamp guide
(8) and then down to the needle which should be threaded

from front to back. Pull about 6-8 inches of thread to the

rear beyond the needle eye. Trim thread to length with built
in thread cutter.

□ Threading the upper thread___________ _

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