Blind hem and zig zag blind hem – SINGER 1116 User Manual

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□ Blind hem and zig zag blind hem

All purpose foot

Blind hem: On curtains, pants, skirts of medium weight fabric
Select stitch: F
Stitch length: 1-4

Zig zag blind hem: For use on stretch fabrics
Select stitch: E
Stitch length: 1-4


It takes practice to sew blind hems. Always make a sewing

test first._____________________________________________

Fold the fabric as illustrated with the wrong side uppermost

Place the fabric under the foot. Turn the handwheel forwards

by hand until the needle swings fully to the left. It should just
pierce the fold of the fabric. If it does not, adjust the stitch width

accordingly (2).
Sew slowly, guiding the fabric carefully.

* The blindhem foot is an optional accessory not supplied with
this machine.

Stitch length dial