Adjusting bobbin-thread tension, Spool holders – SINGER 5147 User Manual

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t. Hold bobbin case by latch, with about 7.5cm

(3 inches) of thread leading off top of case.

2. Align protruding finger

sfide case on to stud C.

A with slot B and

• Release the latch and push case until it

clicks into place. Allow 7.5cm (3 inches) of

thread to hang free from bobbin case.

• Close hook cover. Be sure thread does not

get caught when hook cover is closed.


The bobbin-thread tension has been set at the

factory for most types of stitching. You may
wish to adjust the bobbin-thread tension when
straight stitching on fine fabrics or to balance
an open zig-zag stitch. Bobbin and needle
threads lock at the corner of each stitch when a
zig-zag stitch is balanced. To adjust the bob­

bin-thread tension, follow the procedure below

using two layers of scrap fabric.

• Raise the presser foot.

• Raise needle to highest position by turning

the hand wheel toward you.

• Open hook cover and remove the bobbin

case as instructed on page 12.

• Slowly turn screw D to the left, using the

small screwdriver in your accessory box, un­
til desired stitch appearance is reached.

• When stitching is completed, turn screw D to

the right, back to original position, for all
other sewing.


• Place spool of thread on horizontal spool pin


If spool being used has a thread retaining



it should be placed against the spool

cushion to the right.

• Select correct spool holder according to type

and diameter of spool being used. The

diameter of the end of the spool holder should
always be larger than that of the spool itself.

• Press spool holderG f/rm/y against spool.


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