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How the zipper is inserted will depend on the

type of garment and the location of the zipper.

With the adjustable zipper foot, you will find it
easy to sew an even line of stitching close to
the zipper.
The zipper foot can be used either to the left or

right of the needle, depending» on where the
bulk of the garment is placed.

Adjusting the Zipper Foot

• Set machine for straight stitching.

® Attach the zipper foot as Instructed on page 4.

When the zipper is to the right of the needle:

® Loosen the thumb screw at the back of the

foot, and slide the foot to the left of the nee­

® Check the position of the foot by turning the

hand wheel to lower the needle into the side
notch of the foot, making sure it clears the


® Lock the foot into position by tightening the

thumb screw.

® Lower presser bar. Make sure the needle

clears the foot on all sides of the notch.

When the zipper is to the left of the needle, ad­

just the foot to the right of the needle In the

same way.


® Pattern Selector: 1

® Stitch Width: 0

• No Presser Foot

® Snap-in Feed Cover

® Embroidery Hoop Designed for Machine Use

® Position work under needle and lower presser


® Hold needle thread loosely with left hand,

turn hand wheel toward you, and draw bobbin
thread up through fabric. Hold both thread
ends and lower needle into fabric.

® Stitch across opening, moving hoop under

needle at a slight angle from lower left to up­
per right. Keep lines of stitching closely

spaced and even in length. When opening Is

filled, cover area with crosswise lines of

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