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Page 22: Adjusting machine stitch to suit your fabric, Setting selectors

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Chapter 4. Basic Zig-Zag Stitching

adjusting machine stitch to suit your fabric

You can do functional as well as decorative zig­
zag stitching with your sewing machine.

setting selectors


Before turning selector, make sure needle is out
ofjhe fabric.

For plain zig-zag stitching:

• Turn pattern selector to 1 aligning number

with line on selector lever.

• Pattern Selector; 1

• Stitch Width; 1-5

• Stitch Length; 1 -4 to suit fabric

• General Purpose Needle Plate

• General Purpose Foot


Before turning selector, make sure needle is out
of the fabric.

To produce a plain zig-zag or a decorative

stitch, the stitch width selector is turned from

its straight stitch position 0 to any of its other

five positions. The further you turn the selector
toward the right, the wider your stitch will be.


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