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2. Mark a position guideiine for each but­


• Horizontal buttonholes A are placed to ex­

tend 3mm (1/8 inch) beyond the centre

line of the garment C, so that the buttons

will be in the centre of the figure when the

garment is fastened.

• Horizontal buttonhole guidelines should

follow a crosswise fabric thread and be

longer than the finished length of the but­


• Mark ends of each buttonhole vertically.

• Vertical buttonholes B are placed so that

the centre line C of the garment is in the

centre of the buttonhole, as shown.

• Mark the ends of each buttonhole horizon­

tally across the centre line basting and use
the centre line marking as the buttonhole

guide when stitching.


• The buttonhole length should be just long

enough to allow the button to slip through the
opening without stretching it.

• Buttonhole length is not automatically

gauged with the buttonhole foot. It is neces­
sary to estimate the length by measuring the

width plus thickness of the button.

• To make sure the measurement is cprrect,

cut a slit in a scrap of fabric equal to the
diameter of the button you intend to use.

• Increase length of opening until button slips

through easily.


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