Selecting a pattern, Adjusting stitch length, Adjusting width of design – SINGER 5147 User Manual

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Before moving pattern selector, make sure nee­
dle is above fabric.

When you turn the pattern selector, one of
five stitch patterns is available tp you.

Turn stitch width selector to 0, then rotate the

pattern selector as required, until the desired
stitch pattern number lines up with the mark on

the pattern selector lever.


When you are preparing to do pattern stitching,

make a test sample with the fabric and thread

you plan to use so that you can adjust the stitch

length correctly.

Any stitch length setting from 1 to 4 will give
you an open stitch pattern of whichever
decorative stitch pattern you select. The higher
the number, the more open, or farther apart,
your stitch will be. The area between 0 and 1 of
the selector is used for the fine adjustment of
satin stitching (see page 22).

For stretch stitch patterns, stitch length is
controlled with a setting between 3 and 4 on
the stitch length selector. Simply rotate it until
the space between 3 and 4 is under the sym­

bol ▼ above the dial.


Before turning stitch width selector, always raise

needle above fabric.

To produce a stitch pattern, the stitch width
selector must be turned from 0 toward the right.
The further you turn the dial toward the right,
the wider your stitch will be.


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