Changing the needle, Changing presser feet, To remove and replace foot – SINGER 5147 User Manual

Page 6: Chapter 2. getting ready to sew, Choosing and changing accessories

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Chapter 2. Getting Ready to Sew

choosing and changing accessories


• Raise needle to its highest point by turning

the hand wheel toward you. Loosen needle
clamp screw A and remove the needle.

• insert new needle up into clamp B as far as it

will go, with the fiat side of the needle to the


• Tighten needle clamp screw.


The general purpose foot is on your machine when delivered. To change to another foot, raise

needle to highest position by turning the hand wheel toward you. Raise presser foot.

To Remove and Replace Foot

1. Insert the edge of a coin in the slot of the

presser foot screw A. To loosen, turn screw
away from you.

2. When screw Is fully loosened, foot will drop.

Remove presser foot by sliding It toward you.

3. Centre the new presser foot shank B under

the presser foot screw. Lift shank ail the way


4. Tighten presser foot screw securely with a


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