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Step A: Side Stitching

Turn pattern selector to buttonhole

step A. With buttonhole foot properly

positioned, as described on page 31 =
position needie in fabric at point 1.
Lower the foot and stitch until needle
reaches the last red line on foot.

Step B: Bar Tack

Raise needle above the fabric by turn­

ing hand wheel toward you. Turn pat­

tern selector to the right to buttonhole
step B. Take at least four stitches end­

ing at point 2.

Step C: Side Stitching

Raise needle above fabric. Turn pat­

tern selector to the right to step C.
Stitch to the end of buttonhole at point 3.

Step D: Bar Tack

Raise needle above the fabric. Turn

pattern selector to the left to step D.

Take four stitches ending at point 4.

3 2

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