GoDEX EZ6000Plus series User Manual

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EZ-2000+/6000+ User

’s Manua

The following table lists descriptions of the available settings and options:


Default: 10
Sets the temperature during printing. Values range from
0 to 19, the default setting is 10.


Sets the print speed (inches per second (ips))

Stop position

Default: 12
The stop position determines how far the printed label is
moved out (tear-off position / cut-off position)

Adjust stop position

Default: 0
Adjusts the printer's stop position. Values range from 0 to
This value changes the stop position, irrespective of the
driver or software settings.

Vertical position

Default: 0
Sets the 0 position of the print head. Values range from
-100 to 100.

Printing mode

Default: Thermal transfer
Thermal transfer: Requires a ribbon to transfer a printed
image to a label.
Direct thermal: No ribbon is required for printing, but a
direct thermal print medium must be loaded.

Accessories / options

Default: Option disabled
Dispenser mode: Select to enable the dispenser mode.
Cutter mode: Select to enable the cutter mode.
Option disabled: Select this setting to disable both

Paper settings

Default: Die-cut labels
Black marks: For labels or normal paper with black
marks on the reverse side.
Die-cut labels:
For die-cut labels on label liner or labels
with tag holes
Continuous medium: For continuous label stock

RS232 (serial) settings

Baud rate:
Default: 9600 bps (bits per second)

4800 bps
9600 bps
19200 bps
38400 bps
57600 bps
115200 bps
Default: None

Data length:
Default: 8 bits

7 bits
8 bits
Stop bit:
Default: 1 bit

1 bit
2 bits

Sensor type

Default: Automatic
Automatic detection of label type (labels
with black marks, die-cut labels, or continuous label
stock) and label height
Gap mode: For die-cut labels on label liner or labels with

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