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EZ-2000+/6000+ User

’s Manua

5-7. Cutter settings


Socket head screws for
adjusting the cutter are
located on both sides of the


In the event of a paper jam,
the cutter will no longer
function correctly. Switch
off the printer and use a hex
key (#M3) to turn the socket
head screw.


Turn the key anticlockwise
to remove the jammed


When you have removed
the jammed paper, you
can switch the printer back
on. The cutter will
automatically reset.


The label medium should be at
least 30 mm long to ensure
correct functioning of the cutter.

5-8. CF Card Instruction

All the BP-2000P and BP-6000P series models have built-in CF Card slot on the back of the
printer. If the built-in memory is insufficient for storing label formats, graphics or fonts,
users can use CF Card as external memory to provide more memory space.

When using the CF card, please follow the instruction as below:


Please power off the print before installing or removing CF Card from the card slot.


The CF Card cannot be used for printer’s external memory until it is formatted in
FAT16. When the printer has detected that the CF card is not formatted in FAT16,
the LCD will show the message of “CF card not formatted, press FEED to format”.


If user wants to format the CF Card, please follow the instruction to press the “FEED”
key, and then the printer will format the CF Card in FAT16.


After the format is complete, a file folder named “CF” would be created
automatically. This folder is for storing all the data from the printer, please don’t do
any change on it.


The specification of CF Card that is supported by the printer is as follow:

Compact Flash Type I

Compact Flash (CF) v1.4 specification

Capacity: 128MB ~ 512MB

File system: FAT16

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