GoDEX EZ6000Plus series User Manual

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EZ-2000+/6000+ User

’s Manua

21. Put the washer on the antenna

connector and secure the
connector on the antenna
bracket using the nut.

22. Screw the antenna onto the

antenna connector. You can
now adjust the angle of the
antenna as required.

23. Replace the left-hand part of the

printer housing to complete the

Note 1

Once you have finished installing the Ethernet module, the command
"^XSET,USBETHERNET,1" must be sent to the printer to enable the Ethernet module. While
the Ethernet module is enabled, the USB port is disabled. To enable it again, send the
command "^XSET,USBETHERNET,0" to the printer.

Note 2

The wireless network must be configured via a network cable.

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