9. troubleshooting – GoDEX EZ6000Plus series User Manual

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EZ-2000+/6000+ User

’s Manua

5-9. Troubleshooting



The printer is switched on but
the display does not light up.

Check the power supply.

One or both LEDs light up red
and printing is interrupted.

Check the software settings (driver settings) or
command codes.

Look for the error alert in the table in Section 3-8.
Error alerts

Check whether the cutter is functioning normally
and whether it is cutting at all. (Only if a cutter is

The label stock passes
through the printer but no
image is printed.

Please make sure that the label stock is loaded
the right way up and that it is suitable material.

Please make sure that the ribbon is loaded

The label stock jams during

Clear the paper jam. Remove any label material
left on the thermal print head and clean the print
head using a soft lint-free cloth dipped in alcohol.

There is no printed image on
part of the label or the image
is blurred.

Check the thermal print head for dust or other dirt
(label material or ribbon residue).

Check for errors in the application software.

Check the ribbon for wrinkles.

Check the power supply.

Run a self test (Section 3-4.) and check the test
print pattern to see whether the print head prints
over the entire width of the medium.

Check the quality of the print medium.

The printed image is
positioned incorrectly or a
label is missed out during

Run the auto-detection function. (Section 3-6.)

Check the label height setting.

Check whether there is paper or dust covering
the sensor.

Check the paper guide settings.

The cutter does not cut off
the labels in a straight line.

Check whether the label stock is positioned

The cutter does not cut off
the labels completely.

Check whether the label is more than 0.16 mm

When using the cutter, the
labels are not fed through or
cut off incorrectly.

Check whether the cutter has been correctly

Check whether the paper guides are functioning

The label dispenser is not
functioning normally.

Check whether there is dust on the label

Check whether the label stock is positioned


If any problems occur that are not described here, please contact your dealer.

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