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3-7. Keyboard mode

The printers of the EZ2000 Plus and EZ6000 Plus series support keyboards with a PS/2
interface, provided the parallel/PS/2 adapter is installed. Here is how you connect a
PS/2 keyboard:

1. Switch off the printer and plug the PS/2 connector into the appropriate printer port.
2. Switch on the printer. The message "Keyboard mode [Y/N]" is shown on the display.

Press the FEED button on the printer or the ENTER key on the keyboard to switch to
keyboard mode.

In keyboard mode, you can go back to the previous page at any time by pressing the
ESC key on the keyboard or the CANCEL button on the printer. If you keep going back,
you will eventually be prompted to exit keyboard mode. To exit keyboard mode, press
the ENTER key on the keyboard or the FEED button on the printer when the message "Exit
keyboard mode? [Y/N]" appears on the display. To switch back to keyboard mode,
either start up the printer again or select "Keyboard mode" in settings mode. If you wish
to make any changes to the keyboard settings, please refer to the "Settings diagram" (in
Section 3.3).

Printing a stored label in keyboard mode


C0,00001,+1,Serial Number
V00,16,Product Name,jc0

1. At least one form must be stored in

the printer. To create a sample label
as shown above, copy the
commands in the left-hand column
and send them to the printer using
QLabel or HyperTerminal.

2. The sample form contains 2

variables and a serial number:
"Product name", "Price" and "Serial
Number". Printing will start only when
values have been set for all 3

3. Switch off the printer, connect the

PS/2 keyboard to the PS/2 printer
port and switch the printer on

4. Press "ENTER" to switch to keyboard


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