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Rain Master Irrigation Systems

Pro Max User’s Manual


Using the Receiver with a Rain Master Controller

One of the unique and patented features of Rain Master Controllers is the built-in capability for
remote control. Making the connections between the hand held remote transmitter and the Pro
Max receiver, which is attached to the controller, takes just a few seconds.

2.1.1 Connecting the Receiver to a Rain Master Controller

Connecting the Pro Max receiver to the controller is a very simple operation. The following
procedure steps are all that is required. Please refer to Figure 3: Pro Max Receiver to Rain
Master Controller.

Step 1 Make sure the controller is in the Automatic mode press the controllers’ QUIT


Step 2 Make sure the controller’s Rain Switch, if so equipped, is in the automatic

watering position.

Step 3 Place the Pro Max receiver on top of the controller with the antenna pointing

straight up. Do not allow the antenna to touch any metal objects or wire.

Step 4 Connect the female end of the PM-SER99 cable to the Pro Max receiver and

secure with lock screws. Hands tighten only. Connect the other end of the cable
to the remote control receptacle on the front panel of the controller (it is keyed
to fit only in one way).

The controller’s display will either go blank or indicate that the remote is active.
The Pro Max receiver will beep to indicate that it is ready for use.


NEVER operate the Pro Max transmitter without the
CORRECT antenna properly installed.

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