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Rain Master Irrigation Systems

Pro Max User’s Manual

6.0 Troubleshooting

Pro Max System Troubleshooting

Symptom Action

No beep tone when Pro
Max transmitter key is

Replace Battery.

No beep tone when Pro
Max transmitter is pressed
after changing the battery.

Remove end cap and press the Pro Max transmitter-
reset button. Ref. Figure 10 Page 33.

“Rapid beeps” when Pro
Max transmitter key is

Replace battery. Rapid beeps indicate low battery

Key presses beep at the
Pro Max transmitter but no
valves turn ON at Rain
Master controller.

• Check installation and antenna connections.
• Remove PM-SER99 cable from the controller

and then re-insert.

• Upon re-insertion of the cable listen for a Pro

Max receiver tone(s).

- One tone OK (approximately 1/2 second)

- Two tones OK (see Section 4.6 Access


- Any other tones (contact factory)

• Press the AUTO UP key and listen for a

confirmation beep at the Pro Max receiver. If
no beep heard contact factory.

- The controller display should show

remote station activity as AUTO UP is
pressed. If nothing displayed contact

• Verify water is ON at selected stations. If no

water is available, is a Master Valve/Pump
required? Verify field station wiring is correct.

• Confirm that the remote continues to work at

maximum distance. If not, contact factory.

Receiver beeps once every
six seconds continuously.
For non-Rain Master
controller. (Model Pro

• The universal adapter has detected an

electrical short circuit when attempting to turn
ON a station.

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