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Pro Max User’s Manual

Rain Master Irrigation Systems

which are indoors, especially basements, or structures, which are concrete and steel. It may be
possible to remotely locate an external antenna whenever poor Pro Max receiver locations exist.
Call Rain Master Technical support for assistance, telephone (805) 527-4498. Moving the Pro
Max transmitter to a more favorable location or usage of optional high gain antennas on both the
Pro Max transmitter and Pro Max receiver may improve operations.

The Pro Max system utilizes VHF/FM communications and the Pro Max receiver/Pro Max
transmitter pair is factory encoded to insure that other services including other Rain Master
remotes do not interfere or false trigger the Pro Max receiver. Digital filtering further enhances
operation in interference prone environments. FM transmission is employed for its inherent
quality and immunity to atmospheric, static, and electrical interference which are commonly
found in AM types of equipment such as citizen’s band radio, garage door openers, etc. Usage of
FM transmissions also insures that the stronger signal prevails (capture ratio), meaning that all
received signals, which are weaker than the Pro Max transmission, are completely overridden.


Antennas are not just a piece of wire; they are cut for a precise frequency of
operation in order to ensure optimal performance. When using antennas with the
Pro Max system, only utilize Rain Master specified parts, which are available
through your authorized Rain Master distributor.

1.3 Licensing


Your Rain Master Pro Max radio operates on FM radio communication frequencies and is
subject to the rules and regulations of the local communications governing agencies. These
agencies may require that all operators using private land mobile or general mobile radio
frequencies obtain a radio license before operating their equipment. The operator receives a
license for use of the radio equipment under a specific eligibility and ON a particular frequency
or set of frequencies. To determine eligibility for use of private land mobile service frequencies,
contact your local communications governing agency. This agency can supply information
required to properly obtain and complete the license application form.

For U.S. License Applications, contact:

FCC Forms Distribution Center

1 (800) 418-3676

Request form 600 and all schedules and instructions.

For license questions call the FCC at 1 (888) 225-5322.

The following are addresses of communications agencies in North America:

United States

Federal Communications Commission
1270 Fairfield Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325-7245


Department of Communications
1241 Clyde Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K2C 143

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