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Rain Master Irrigation Systems

Pro Max User’s Manual


Temporary Connector Installation

The RMIS Part Number 32TC Temporary Cable is wired in the exact same fashion as the
Permanent Cable Connector described above except that it uses alligator clips for connection to
the terminal strip within the controller so that it may be easily installed and removed. Follow the
connection instructions for the permanent connector; be very careful that the alligator clips are
secure and not “shorting” to any metal or each other.


Disconnecting the Pro Max-UA from a Non-Rain Master Controller

To disconnect the universal adaptor, use the following procedure:

Step 1 Disconnect the large 37 pin connector plug from the universal adaptor by

grasping the plug’s body, not by the cable, and pull straight out.


Non-Rain Master Controllers Lacking 24 Volts AC

24 Volts AC is required to power the Universal Adapter. If 24 Volts AC is not available from the
controller, use a step-down transformer to convert from the line voltage (usually 117 or 240
Volts AC) to 24 Volts AC and run the 24 Volts AC wire into the PC cable to the two wires
designated for 24 Volts AC and COMMON. There is no need to worry about the polarity of
these two connections. Additionally, connect the PC cables COMMON wire to the controller’s
COMMON terminal. Do not connect the PC cables 24 Volts AC wire to the controller.

Figure 8: Pro Max-UA Installation to a Non-Rain Master Controller

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