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Pro Max User’s Manual

Rain Master Irrigation Systems

Upon Receiver Connection

Beep Response


1 Beep (1/2 sec)


2 Beeps

Multi-Pro Max receiver mode:

• Requires corresponding access code to

enable Pro Max receiver operation.

3 Beeps

Failed internal diagnostic tests. Contact Rain

Figure 3: Pro Max Receiver to Rain Master Controller

2.1.2 Disconnecting the Receiver from a Rain Master Controller

To disconnect the Pro Max Pro Max receiver, follow the procedure below.

Step 1 Disconnect the Pro Max receiver’s plug from the controller’s front panel by

grasping the plug housing, not the cable, and pulling straight out. The controller
display should now return to the automatic screen display.


Permanent Mount Pro Max Receiver

Pro Max Receivers may be permanently installed into any Rain Master controller.

Two items are required for permanent controller installation:

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