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Pro Max User’s Manual

Rain Master Irrigation Systems

Refer to section 2.3 for additional Master Valve and Pump operations, which are applicable to
the Evolution DX2 controller.

4.6 Controller



The Access Code key is used to enable/disable the remote control Pro Max receiver. This allows
the user to have numerous Pro Max receivers permanently attached to Rain Master Controllers or
(any manufacturer’s controllers) at different geographic sites each with their own Controller
Access Code. One transmitter can be used to address them individually.

Access codes are factory-defined numbers ranging from 1 - 999. These codes are factory
programmable and should be requested at the time the unit is ordered. You must know the
Controller Access Code of the individual Pro Max receivers. The access code number of any Pro
Max receiver is listed within the Pro Max receiver serial number on the Pro Max receiver label.

Example: S/N RX031001-007-001

The access code appears as the third set of 3 digits (last digits) following the second dash; in this
case, the access code is 001.

Example: To enable Pro Max receiver number 1,





Receiver number 1 is now enabled and responds to all commands.

Example: To disable Pro Max receiver number 1,





Pro Max receiver number 1 is now disabled and will not respond to any commands. The attached
Rain Master controller returns to its automatic mode and operates as if the remote has been

Note 1: It is possible to have more than one Pro Max receiver enabled simultaneously

(broadcast mode). In this mode, all enabled Pro Max receivers would respond to
commands from the Pro Max transmitter.

Note 2: It is also possible to disable all enabled Pro Max receivers without using their

Controller Access Code by pressing:



Note 3: the Pro Max receivers will automatically time-out (after 8 hours) if a Pro Max receiver

is left enabled and no remote activity has occurred. The controller shall then resume its
normal operation (return to automatic mode).

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