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Rain Master Irrigation Systems

Pro Max User’s Manual

NEVER connect the Universal Adapter to more than one controller at a time.

Procedure (Refer to Figure 7)

Step 1 Remove power from the controller.

Step 2 Connect a single wire to each station (up to 32) of the RMIS Part Number 32PC

wiring harness at the controller’s terminal strip. The field wiring should remain
connected and in place. Simply add the RMIS Part Number 32PC wiring to it.
Make sure to follow the station color code-wiring list illustrated ON the back
cover of this manual.


The chart defines the connections for the following cables:
RMIS Part Number 32PC (supplied with Pro Max-UA),
RMIS Part Number 24PC, 12PC, and RMIS Part Number

Make sure that any unused station wires on the PC cables are insulated and will
not short to any metal object.

If there is a Master Valve and/or Pump in the system, make sure you understand
how they are controlled before hooking up the Master Valve and/or Pump wire
of the Permanent Connector. If there is any doubt - find out before connecting it
to a voltage above the “normal” 24Volts AC will damage the Pro Max Pro Max
receiver unit.

If the Controller Supplies 24 Volts AC to activate the Master Valve/Pump, then
connect the Master Valve/Pump wire of the Permanent Connector to the
controller’s Master Valve/Pump terminal.

If the Controller acts as a switch to activate the Master Valve/Pump Finding two
terminals in the controller associated with the Master Valve/Pump usually, but
not always, indicates that a relay will be required. The relay is wired such that
its coil terminals are activated by the Master Valve/Pump and COMMON of the
PC and its switch contacts are in parallel with the controller’s two terminals, see
Figure 4 below.

From MV/P wire
of the Interface

To MV/P Switch
Type Terminals
of controller

Common of the
Cable or

Figure 7: Relay (such as Rain Master RLY1)

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