Ranges and method of transmission – Irritrol PRO-MAX User Manual

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Pro Max User’s Manual


• Detects and provides an audible alert against field wiring short circuits (Model Pro Max-


• No more tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses during installation checkout.
• Receiver has built-in safety default to automatically turn station OFF after 60 minutes.
• Audible Pro Max transmitter and Pro Max receiver tones verify proper Pro Max remote

control operations at all times.

• High tech power saver circuitry means no more battery recharging required (no down


• Transmitter has a single replacement lithium battery that can be purchased locally and

field replaced. The battery will last an entire season, under normal conditions.

• Audible low battery alert.
• No fuses required.


• Tough, rugged all metal construction with shock absorbing rubber bumpers.
• Hard cover case for carefree transportation.


• Utilizes three mechanisms to insure reliable, interference-free communications.

- Digital filters

- Factory set coding

- VHF FM communications


Ranges and Method of Transmission

It is not possible to exactly predict the distance over which the Pro Max system will perform.
Several factors may affect the distance and reliability of any radio transmission:

• Frequency used

• Transmission Power

• Terrain

• Antenna placement

• Building Structures

• Weather conditions

• On channel interference

• Atmospheric disturbances

• Antenna types

• Mode of operation (AM, FM, etc.)

Your Pro Max system has been designed to operate at distances up to one mile. Under ideal open
field conditions, it can readily operate up to 5 miles.

When attempting to use Pro Max over extended distances, it is important to ensure that the
receiving antenna is properly located. If possible, avoid Pro Max receiver antenna locations,

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