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Pro Max User’s Manual

Rain Master Irrigation Systems

location. It makes light work of system checkouts and service work, providing field personnel
with complete control over the irrigation controller.

Controllers may be operated remotely from watering zone sites allowing immediate evaluation of
the irrigation configuration and performance. Using the hand-held battery operated Pro Max
Transmitter from a remote zone location; the operator may turn ON a single station or any
number of stations with the push of a few simple keys.

An access code feature allows independent control of multiple Pro Max receivers permanently
installed in up to 999 controllers. In addition to the maintenance features, the Pro Max system
provides specialized irrigation functions, which are described in Section 1.1.

The Pro Max remote control system is composed of two model numbers:

Model No.


Pro Max

Used with Rain Master only controllers. (See Section 2.0)

Pro Max-UA

Used with any manufacturers’ 24-volt AC controller. (See
Section 3.0)

1.1 Pro




• The industries easiest remote to use.
• Fits in shirt or pants pocket or can be attached using the convenient belt clip.
• Large dedicated feature keys allow most functions to be performed with a single key


Auto-up and auto-down station operation.


• Can be used with any manufacturers’ 24-volt AC controller (Model Pro Max-UA).
• Independent control of the master valve and/or pump.
• Single or multi-station capabilities for testing system hydraulics.
• Timed station operation selectable from 1 to 60 minutes.
• Control up to 999 individual Pro Max receivers from a single Pro Max transmitter.
• Ability to turn a program ON or OFF (when used with RME Sentar, RME Hawk, RME

Eagle, or Evolution DX2 controllers).

• Small and compact Pro Max receiver design facilities permanent internal controller


• Compatibility with Rain Master RT5/RRAD remote.

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