Irritrol PRO-MAX User Manual

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Pro Max User’s Manual

Rain Master Irrigation Systems

Pro Max System Troubleshooting

Symptom Action

Max-UA) - Check the valve solenoid and replace if


- Check the station wiring for short circuit

to common, check for insulation nicks
and exposed wiring in standing water.

- When field problem is fixed, turn station

back ON.

- Cycle Pro Max receiver power to reset the


Note: The Pro Max system will continue to
operate normally for non-shorted stations.

Keys beep at Pro Max
transmitter but no valves
turn on at a non Rain
Master controller. (Model
Pro Max-UA)

• Check installation, and antenna connections

(see Section 3.2, Figure 8 and Figure 9)

• Remove the large 37-pin connector from the

universal adapter assembly and then re-insert.

• Upon re-insertion of the cable listen for the

Pro Max receiver tone(s).

- No tone – check the 24 Volts AC and

common connections.

- One tone, OK (approximately 1/2


- Two tones, OK (see Section 4.6 Access


- Any other tones (contact factory)

• Press the AUTO UP key and listen for a

confirmation beep at the Pro Max receiver. If
no beep contact factory.

• Verify water is ON at the selected stations. If

no water is available, is a Master Valve/Pump
required? Verify field station wiring is correct.

• Confirm that the remote continues to work at

maximum distance. If not, contact factory.

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