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Pro Max User’s Manual

Rain Master Irrigation Systems

If the Pro Max receiver emits three beeps upon power up or at any other time, this indicates an
invalid condition. Remove power and try again. If the invalid operational condition continues,
contact your local Rain Master distributor.


Universal Adapter Over-Current Detection Beeper

If an over-current condition in the Universal Adapter has been detected, a beep sequence of once
every six seconds will occur. This sequence will repeat until the power is cycled or the
Controller Access Code times out.

4.11 Transmitter



When the battery is low, the normal “beep” sound, which is emitted when a key is pressed, will
instead be an intermittent fast beep. The battery should be replaced immediately.

The Pro Max transmitter battery is a 6-volt dual lithium battery pack, GE/Sanyo (CR-P2),
Duracell (DL223A), Energizer (EL223AP) or equivalent. This battery is available at most
retailers, including Radio Shack, Home Depot, or from your local Rain Master distributor.

Figure 11: Battery Replacement

To replace the battery refer to Figure 11 and do the following steps:

Step 1 Remove the two screws from the Pro Max transmitter bottom end cap. Pull the

end cap off to expose the battery.

Step 2 Remove the battery from the battery compartment.

Step 3 The battery holder is designed with an extruded tab(s) in the center to prevent

the battery from being installed backwards.

Position the new battery as shown and insert with the battery terminals facing
into the Pro Max transmitter.


Be sure to push battery all the way in.

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