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Pro Max User’s Manual

Rain Master Irrigation Systems

4.0 Detailed



Remote Operation

When the remote Pro Max receiver is connected to a Rain Master controller, all running
programs are aborted, any stations and/or any master valves or pumps that are ON will be turned
OFF. During the time the remote is connected, the controller will display the “Remote” message.
Some controllers will blank the display or display additional information.

When the remote is disconnected, all stations and any Master Valve or Pumps, which are ON,
will be turned OFF. The only exception are programs, their operation remains unaffected upon
disconnection of the Pro Max receiver. (See section 4.8)

The Pro Max Series remote commands are an extended set of the older Rain Master
RT5/RR/RRAD remote control. The user interface for Pro Max remains identical when
performing like functions. The Pro Max remote control system however has several newer
capabilities and features, which will be delimited in subsequent sections.

In general, turning a station ON or OFF is independent of the master valve operation. That is,
turning a station ON will not affect the state of the master valve and vice versa. The exception to
this is timed station operation. Turning a station ON for a certain period of time will
automatically select the proper master valve and/or pump as required in order to perform

With the older Rain Master RT5 series remote system, only one station was allowed to be on at a
time. All remote key operations resulted in the previous station being turned off, prior to the next
station turning on. This is also true with Pro Max with one exception. The ADD STATIONS
feature has been incorporated so that multiple stations may be turned on simultaneously.

Each time a key is depressed at the Pro Max transmitter, a confirmation audio beep is generated.
Upon receipt of the command, the Pro Max receiver also generates a confirmation beep.
Consequently, basic Pro Max system performance can be verified by hitting a key at the Pro Max
transmitter while listening for the corresponding beep at the Pro Max receiver.


Stations On and Off

When one of the Pro Max transmitter’s keys is pressed, a signal is transmitted and an audible
tone is generated to acknowledge that the signal has been transmitted.

All stations, except the Master Valve/Pump, are turned on by pressing the number of the station
followed by the ON key. To turn off a station, simply press the OFF key. To turn the station on
again, press the ON key. There is no need to press the station’s number until a new station is

Example: To turn Station 12 on, then off, and then on again.




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