Gaggenau ED221 User Manual

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Programming a switch-off time
The appliance switches off automatically at a time
that you have chosen. The starting point is the time
of day set on the appliance.
Proceed as follows:
– Press the

(Timer) key twice. The (End) and

(Cooking time) symbols flash.

– Press the + or – key to set the required time. You

can choose any switch-off time within a period of
24 hours.

– Press the

(Confirm) key to confirm the entered

value. An audible signal is sounded. The
(Cooking time) symbol lights up on the display.

After the set time has elapsed, the


time) symbol flashes and an audible signal is
By pressing any key, you can switch off the signal
and heating will start again. Turn the temperature
selector switch to 0 to end the operation.

Programming a duration and an off time
This mode enables you to start and end baking and
cooking in your absence.
Proceed as follows:
– Enter a required duration (see page 16).

– Press the

(Confirmation) key.

– Enter the required switch-off time (see above).

– Press the

(Confirmation) key.

The automatic mode becomes active as soon as
the switch-off time is programmed and you have
pressed the

(Confirm) key.

Fig. 19


the time of day that is set on the appliance

is the starting point for programming the switch-off
You can query the entered value by pressing the

(Timer) key twice.

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